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State-of-the-art manufacturing lies at the core of USL's business and enables us to deliver high-quality solar products to our customers at an affordable price. Our 15-Megawatt manufacturing capacity makes USL the economical module manufacturer in the world, allowing us to offer advanced products and leverage economies of scale with indigenous process equipments. USL manufacturing sites, located in India, follow the strictest production guidelines and are staffed by highly-trained manufacturing experts.
USL solar cells undergo a chemical surface micro-texturing process that improves their ability to capture light. The cell production facility employs industry-leading manufacturing techniques to create high conversion efficiency solar cells.
Cells with similar electrical characteristics are matched during module assembly to minimize efficiency losses.  Laminated modules are equipped with corrosion-resistant frames and weather-proof electrical components to create a durable, water-tight product. 
Our quality control program features 52 tests and checks throughout the cell and module manufacturing process. Once fully assembled, all USL modules undergo a final performance test and are categorized based on power and current production. Our rigorous review process ensures we deliver only the highest quality products to our customers.


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