Solar Power Solutions Stand Alone

Solar Power Solutions Stand Alone

Product Specification

With our engineering expertise, USL Solar have the most experienced team to provide total project solutions for your captive power needs. It can be your home, office, showroom or factory.

Solar projects for residential buildings are your gateway to producing electricity from solar energy on your very own roof and thereby making a handsome of savings in electricity bill. The attractive design of a photovoltaic installation enhances the appearance of your house, and you will be demonstrating that you are a forward –thinking person and making your own personal contribution to environmental protection - for future generations, too.

Capacities from  1KWp to 100KWp
High quality components.
Ergonomic and aesthetically appealing that can be fitted in any type of roofs.
Guaranteed life time of upto 25 years

We deliver total solutions based on the site conditions to suit your requirement. We have contracts & association with reputed Battery & Inverter manufacturers to deliver service at your door after sales. Become a part of our growing customers & get peace of mind on your power needs.

Solar Power Solutions Stand Alone ( Models List)


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